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We believe in a NEW SYSTEM

One where everyone has the SAME VALUE while is free to make their own choices. Our structure is HORIZONTAL and everybody is FREE to choose where, when, how and what to work on. We seek COMPLEMENTARITY as a way to explore our potentials. Our relationship is based on TRUST and mutual CARE. And we believe that from this relationship we can TRANSFORM our society.

our startups

Startup 101Chefs

101 Chefs

Show your talents in the kitchen

A platform to connect those who cook to those who wants to eat well. Cook that cake, pie, cookies, the secret recipe of your family, or your healthy meal and earn money by selling to those who do not want to spend money eating in restaurants. It is easy and practical and you can also help your neighbors.

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Startup Academia da Natureza

Academia da natureza

Reconnect with the Earth

An innovative concept of organic garden plot rentals. We seek sites and green spaces in or near your city. With a monthly fee, you have a plot to plant what you want to reconnect with the earth, learning to grow your own food.
"Growing your own food is like printing your own money"

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Startup Personal Brasil

Personal Brasil

Power up your workouts

Personal Brazil is the platform for you to meet your personal trainer. We connect Physical Educators with people who want to improve their workouts. Call a personal trainer to train you at your home. Schedule a run in the park or book your sessions directly on our platform. Take a look at our professional's profile and see who attends in your neighborhood.

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Startup Quintal de Trocas

Quintal de Trocas

Por um mundo com mais trocas e conexões

Plataforma de consumo compartilhado voltada para o público infantil para troca de brinquedos, jogos, livros e fantasias.

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